Easy Tape

Our range of closure solutions adds functionality and improves performance of our customer’s products, while also helping to reduce manufacturing costs. We offer a wide variety of closure solutions for baby, adult and feminine care, including frontal tape, three layer closure systems and multiple hook options. Our packaging options include reseal and tissue tape closures for re-closable elements. We deliver our nonwoven closure products on large-capacity spools, which help reduce the frequency of changeovers and the number of splices needed during production.

Sanitary Napkin Reseal Tape
It is mainly used as the reseal tape of sanitary napkin and panty liner.
Applications include the re-sealable tape found on the flap of the sanitary napkin pouch, where the pad inside is kept secure and the pouch is easily resealed for disposal of the used item.
Tissue Reseal Tape
It is mainly used as the reseal tape for handkerchief.

Typical usage is for easy open and close functionality of tissue packaging.

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