Spandex provides personal hygiene market unique product and value-oriented opportunities.

Spandex is widely used in diaper, sanitary napkin and other related hygiene products.
· Soft Fit
-Specially designed soft polymer for personal hygiene.

·Better performance
- Rougher surface area with scales gives better anchorage to substrates.
- Opportunity to lower adhesive add on weight, potential for cost reduction

· Greater efficiencies providing
- Larger packages, transfer tails and splice integrity for longer runs and continuous processing
- Reduced breakage with zero breaks per standard performance

·Spandex brings to baby
·More formfitting
· More comfortable
· More beautiful
·Less leakage
· No skin irritant


Spandex is used for leg cuffs, leakage stand and elastic waistband of diapers and ladynapkins.

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